Skylight Cleaning

Skylights offer a unique way to usher in natural light into your home, creating an atmosphere of spaciousness and tranquility. However, their placement and angle make them magnets for algae and debris, potentially dimming that precious light. At Rocket City Window Cleaning, we believe in the transformative power of clean skylights and are dedicated to offering specialized, professional skylight cleaning services.

Our Comprehensive Skylight Cleaning Approach

Clean storm window with leaves in foregroundOur team employs a meticulous cleaning process to restore the brilliance of your skylights. On the exterior, we use a pure water pole system, which effectively eliminates algae and rinses away accumulated dirt from every nook and corner. The pole system comes with an added advantage for skylight cleaning; while conventional soap and squeegee methods suffer from rapid evaporation on sun-baked glass leading to streaks, our method ensures a thorough, streak-free clean. Inside, we tackle common household pollutants like kitchen grease, dust, and other airborne particles with a foaming cleaner, followed by careful squeegee work.

Why Regular Skylight Cleaning is Crucial

Why clean your skylights every six months to a year? Over time, a layer of grime builds up on the skylight, obstructing the natural light flow and diminishing the open feel of your rooms. Regular cleaning not only revitalizes your interiors by allowing volumetric light to fill your rooms but also reduces the need for artificial lighting, thereby enhancing the vibrant colors and textures in your space.

Expert Skylight Care with Years of Experience

Trust us, we know skylights. With thousands of panels cleaned over the years, our seasoned technicians know just how to navigate the delicate framework and glass, ensuring no damage or leakage occurs during the cleaning process. Your skylights are in the safest hands.

Hassle-Free Regular Cleaning Services

Clean storm window with leaves in foregroundThinking of regular cleaning? We have just the thing. Our yearly schedule service offers you the peace of mind knowing that your skylights are always in top condition. This service comes with a discounted fixed rate and a complimentary mirror cleaning service during each skylight cleaning appointment. As our customer, Gregory Cowan, said, "They did a great job. I only have my sunroom glass cleaned once every two years. After he cleaned them today they look just as good as when I had them installed. Excellent job." See more reviews here.

Unlock the full potential of your skylights with Rocket City Window Cleaning. Contact us today for a quote and experience the transformation that clean skylights can bring to your home.

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